Bureau NL Den Haag

In everything Bureau NL does, she believes that people have an unique message for others. That’s why she thinks it’s worthwhile to connect people. Knowledge of the dutch language will connect you to other dutch people.

Bureau NL teaches the dutch language to people with a higher education. She teaches you words, phrases and structures. She also helps you improving dutch in real life by inviting you to activities and workshops. So that you can start sharing your unique message with others: in dutch. Bureau NL combines learning and doing at the same time. You will be provided with high-end lessons. But you won’t only be placed with a book and a teacher in a classroom. You will be taken out on voluntary field trips to practice in real life what Bureau NL taught you in class. Bureau NL offers small group courses, private lessons, corporate training, Skype lessons and preparation for the civic integration exam or the State Examination.

Bureau NL is looking forward to seeing you in dutch class!

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  • Louis Couperusplein 2
  • 2514 HP
  • Den Haag
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